Private Sporting & Conservation Club

1881 Ranch - A Private Sporting & Adventure Club

A Private Sporting &

Conservation Club.

-Opening 2019-

What Is 1881 Ranch?

1881 Ranch is a private conservation club designed to cater to the sporting interests of like minded individuals while supporting conservation, education, youth and veterans programs. Located only 1 hour from the Chicago-land western suburbs and the Valparaiso Indiana areas, its proximity to both areas makes 1881 Ranch a truly accessible destination for a family friendly modern sporting organization.

Become A Founding Member Today.

Founding Memberships offer a unique opportunity to individuals who would like to share in our vision. These members, while limited in numbers, enjoy additional benefits and discounts on their memberships as well as the other amenities offered at 1881 Ranch. If you enjoy the sporting lifestyle, then we encourage you to join as Founding Member today!


The Facility

private Clubhouse

Our facility is based on the idea that everyone enjoys a place to come in out of the weather to relax. The clubhouse is designed to be a relaxing & inviting area encompassing a great room, fire place, heated patio areas, pro-shop and meeting rooms. There are also a place to change clothes or clean up from the day, restrooms with outside access and a friendly and dedicated staff to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

secure weapon storage

Many states and communities are becoming “gun un-friendly” that is why at 1881 Ranch we will feature a dedicated hardened room for our members with fire proof safes. These safes are able to be rented for the year allowing members to keep their firearms on site and safe for use. Another great benefit is to be able to enjoy your shooting passion while keeping your firearms on site and away from any minors at your personal residence.

family friendly

Let’s be frank, the future of conversation sports is our youth. That is why 1881 Ranch is dedicated to operating as a family orientated facility with outstanding safety protocols and incredibly well licensed managers & instructors. We can confidently say that our facility will be the only range with a dedicated female instructor on a “Woman’s Only” range perfect for reducing the stress of learning firearms safety or working on defensive drills.

shooting ranges

1881 Ranch will feature professionally designed ranges for safety while slated to accommodate pistol, rifle and carbine specific ranges, private tactical ranges all the way up to dedicated steel ranges for hours of fun with both center-fire and rim-fire firearms. Additional ranges are set aside for defensive situational training including immersive environment training for local law-enforcement and our men and women of the armed forces.

Engineered terrain Run

The Engineered Terrain Run is a set of trails specially designed to give the participant multiple man made off-road driving conditions. Members are able to navigate the base course with most 4 wheel drive vehicles and with a more modified vehicle challenge themselves on the various sub-obstacles. Don’t want to drive the course, yet want to experience the thrill? No worries 1881 will take you and your guests around the course in a staff vehicle.

pro-shop & gunsmith

The pro-shop at 1881 Ranch has teamed up with Vulture Equipment Works to offer a in-house solution for your ammunition, accessory and gunsmithing needs. Vulture is also a firearms manufacturer of exceptional custom firearms so your next build can be completed and transferred to you right at 1881 Ranch. Perhaps you would like some new life brought to one of your firearms, Vulture can also assist you with custom Cerakote applications from mild to wild.