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The mission of 1881 Ranch is to provide a private sporting club designed to meet the interests of like-minded individuals while supporting conservation, education, youth, and veterans programs with philanthropic efforts . Our facility will be only a 1-hour drive from the Chicago-land western suburbs, Valparaiso, or northern Indianapolis Indiana areas. Its proximity to both areas makes 1881 Ranch a truly accessible club for a family-friendly modern sporting organization. Please fill in the form below and receive updates on memberships, the range, and other notifications on events and presentations.

Our Core Values:

  1. Never a Customer, Always a Guest
    You have chosen to be a member of 1881 Ranch for a family friendly and safe experience. Therefore, you are more than a member – you are family.

  2. Deliver the greatest guest experience every time
    Our goal is for each member to have exceptional experience each time you visit the club. We strive to offer a excellent knowledge base and an experienced team to help each of our members.

  3. Care through conservation
    Members of1881 Ranch are committed to ongoing conservation and philanthropic efforts including education, public service, and wildlife.

  4. Gracious and fun
    1881 Ranch is for families and responsible members who enjoy spending time with other like-minded people. Additionally we look forward to building long-term relationships with each of our members and their guests.

  5. A clean and safe environment
    First and foremost is our dedication is to a wonderful experience and that vision is only achievable through our dedication to offering the cleanest and safest environment possible.

  6. Entertaining experience that focuses on education
    We take exceptional pride in making first time members / guests feel welcome at our facility. Every skill level is welcome to enjoy the facilities and their experience while on the range or driving course. Shooting is a fun and enjoyable experience especially at 1881 Ranch!






Director / Founding Partner

William Egbert Jr.

Will has spent most of his life in the firearms industry. From childhood, he has been shooting and hunting with his father, while continually expanding his skillsets. After graduating from college, with a degree in Industrial Design, he moved home to start his design career. The months following 9-11 created a new path in his life, and William was compelled to create a law enforcement/military force-on-force training facility. This company, TRIDENT Special Operations, went on to set new standards in the industry across all sectors across the globe regarding safety and training protocols. After a brief sabbatical, William then went on to found Vulture Equipment Works, a Made In The USA adventure accessory manufacturer and custom firearms company. 1881 Ranch started as a way the Midwest could experience a real “Guntry Club” setting with unrivaled amenities.



Industrial Design, 1998

Certified, 2005

Professional Highlights

  • 30+ Instructor Firearms Certificates LE-Military

  • NRA Instructor 5 Disciplines

  • Retired Director Government Sponsored Training Facility

  • Retired Law Enforcement / Tactical Team Leader

  • Ducks Unlimited Chapter Founder

  • Ducks Unlimited Sponsor

  • Husband, Father and Son




William Egbert

William started business in 1964, washing walls and painting. From there, he went on to ultimately expand his business to become an International General Contractor. SWD Contractors became well known in the design-build sector for large industrial manufacturers in the petrochemical industry. Having a solid understanding of complex projects, the company kept expanding this time into the medical device manufacturing sector. This was a notable time in history when SWD became instrumental in the creation of the manufacturing and packaging plant design for the 1st absorbable suture. After retirement, William then continued his other past time, finance, with the creation of Profectus Capital Management and Profectus Fund.



Schola est Difficile Pulsaverit

Professional Highlights

  • Chicago Builders Association

  • Member AGC




Place Holder




Date, 2002

Degree, Date, 2002

Activities & Affiliations

• Association, Member

Professional Highlights

• Association or Work