Private Shooting & Sporting Guntry Club

Outdoor Shooting Range & Club House

1881 Ranch is a complete shooting range and Guntry club in NW Indiana.

Our Guntry Club

Construction of phase 1 of the facility is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2019 and completion in mid-2020. Phase 1 consists of the member clubhouse, main roads, and about 6 ranges. Phase 2 & 3 will follow in the years of 2020 and 2021 which comprise specialized shooting ranges, and the engineered terrain run. With each founding membership comes the realization of a remarkable 300+ acre complex! Make sure to take advantage or our guaranteed Founding Membership to lock in your place at the club.


300+ Acre Site With Clubhouse

The grounds at 1881 Ranch are expansive to say the least. Our goal is to create not only a spectacular place to visit but also a working farm. Members will be surrounded by hundreds of active farmland and woodland acres creating a secluded retreat while acting as a noise buffer for our guests and neighbors.


Tipi experience

Another aspect of 1881 Ranch are the vast amenities including our Tipi village, an experience not soon forgotten. Each of our real American Indian tipis will be designed and constructed for different experiences. There will be tipis for group educational meetings and others that cater to overnight stays. Either way you will have a wonderful time experiencing the freedom of this type of living and why it is so popular yesterday and today.


firearms storage

Many states and communities are becoming “gun un-friendly” that is why at 1881 Ranch we will feature a dedicated hardened room for our members with fireproof safes.  These safes are available for rent, allowing members to keep their firearms on site and safe for use. Another great benefit is to be able to enjoy your shooting passion while keeping your firearms away from any minors at your residence if needed.


luxury Clubhouse

Our facility is based on the idea that everyone enjoys a place to come in out of the weather to relax. The clubhouse is designed to be an inviting area that encompasses a fireplace, heated patio areas, pro-shop, and meeting rooms. There is also a place to change clothes and clean up from the day, restrooms with outside access and friendly and dedicated staff to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.



Let’s be frank, the future of the shooting sports is our youth. That is why 1881 Ranch is dedicated to operating as a family orientated facility with outstanding safety protocols and industry vetted instructors and managers. We can confidently say that our facility will be one of only a few ranges with a dedicated female instructor on a “Woman’s Only” range, perfect for reducing the stress of learning or working on defensive drills.



1881 Ranch will feature professionally designed ranges, while slated to accommodate pistol, rifle, carbine specific ranges, private tactical ranges, and dedicated steel ranges for hours of fun with both center-fire and rim-fire firearms.  Additional ranges are set aside for defensive, situational training, including immersive environment training for local law enforcement and our men and women of the armed forces.


Engineered terrain run

The Engineered Terrain Run is a set of driving trails designed to give the participant a multitude of simulated low impact off-road low conditions. Members can navigate the base course with most 4 wheel drive vehicles and with a more modified vehicle challenge themselves on the various sub-obstacles. Don’t want to drive the course, yet want to experience the thrill? No worries 1881 will take you and your guests around the course in a staff vehicle.


complementary top level Courses

As a member of 1881 Ranch you also have access to complementary firearms training courses. These classes will be offered as ongoing staff taught courses at set times throughout the year. All the courses taught at 1881 have their roots from decades of tier instruction, and are kept up to date with a base of adjunct instructors who all call 1881 Ranch home. Additional private or specialty courses will also be offered for an additional fee.


Specialty Events - Quarterly / Monthly

As with any social clubs structured events are paramount in their success, and our club is no different. Throughout the year we will be sponsoring gatherings, competitions, fundraisers, and other special events. One of the most popular so far are our heritage events. Special guest speakers who will either teach or present to the group, then continue on with a ranch cooked meal while members interact with our guest one on one.

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